We understand the difficulty of persevering in challenging times.

The Story

Recently, we gathered to consider how we might be able to help people who have been impacted by COVID-19. During our conversations, it became apparent that there are still many small businesses that need support. It's heartbreaking to think that our neighbors and friends, who've worked tirelessly to build their businesses, could lose them in such a short period. It's just plain wrong.

So, Channels of Change was born. This campaign was developed as a small way we might give back to our community. We decided to use some of our time, resources, and skills – along with the support and help of many partners – to try to make a difference.

We know what it’s like to face difficult times and we want to help other small businesses grow and succeed. Channels of Change is one way that we can rally as a community to create more stories of hope, faith, courage and fortitude. We believe in small business. We're standing with the "David's" in the face of this Goliath moment.

Will you Join Us?

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